These topics are available for twenty to thirty minute keynote presentations. Selected topics may be expanded for workshop events of one to three hours. Speakers draw on personal experiences in a variety of organization types to provide stimulating examples for any audience. 

It’s Your Life… 

Do you love your life? Or, are you doing what someone else expects of you? This stimulating presentation discusses choices and why it’s possible for you, too, to love your life.

Pigs and chickens, and all things good…

Hear why it is important to have a personal mission statement, and to be committed to your beliefs and values.

The New Leader

The traditional leadership styles that worked so well in the 20th century will not work in the 21st century! Find out how leaders must change if they are to continue to succeed.

Innovation - the Path to Survival

Change – The only constant in life is change! Thinking outside the box is critical. This brief overview will help you identify opportunity.

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